2019-20 Soccer Recruits

2019-20 Soccer Recruits

Central Wyoming College Dean of Students/Athletic Director, Steve Barlow, is proud to announce the completion of both Men and Women's Soccer rosters for the inaugural season.  "Coach Brooks Paskett has been extremely busy the past 6 months recruiting approximately 40 students to compete in our first soccer season.  Recruiting to a brand new program can be a little tough, but I knew Brooks could get it done. His enthusiasm and love for students and the sport of soccer is just remarkable," said Steve Barlow.   Rustler Soccer is composed of 18 women and 19 men:

Men's Soccer:

Women's Soccer: 

  • Brooklynn Arnold

  • Evelynn Bock

  • Rebecca Cecrle

  • Nicole Davis

  • Brittany Dwyer

  • Caitland Erickson

  • Carlee Flanagan

  • Sadie Forney

  • Autumn Hnilicka

  • Elizabeth Johnson

  • Mackenzie Miller

  • Madisyn Pantle

  • Madison Seaman

  • Alisha Sing

  • Elliott Stafford

  • Marissa Stamp

  • Samantha Taylor

  • Morgan Vanetti

Central Soccer is excited to see these young athletes progress and grow throughout the first soccer season. Brooks Paskett, CWC's Head Soccer Coach talked about the upcoming season stating, "This upcoming season is going to be a challenge, especially with a new program, but I am excited to see these young athletes rise to the occasion."